Dowsing Society of Victoria can teach you the art of  dowsing and water divining

How to Dowse

Beginning Dowsing

You can dowse with something as simple as a set of keys, a nail on a string or a pendant on a chain. However most people like to use a pendulum, a dowsing wiz or dowsing rods.

Practical dowsing

Dowsing is only limited by imagination. You can dowse for anything that requires a “Yes” or “No” answer:

  • freshness or ripeness of food
  • safety of food
  • cooking times
  • appropriate health practitioners
  • the best treatment for your needs
  • selecting suitable remedies
  • absent / distant / remote healing
  • whether a healing’s been of benefit
  • finding energy lines, ley lines, underground water
  • geopathic stress zones
  • soil testing, plant positions for better growth
  • the quickest route when travelling
  • the right direction – north, south, east, west
  • the best time to travel
  • finding lost items or people
  • locating something using map dowsing
  • the best quality wine on special
  • an appropriate restaurant
  • suitability of films, books, DVDs, music, etc
  • gold,opals, gems and metals generally
  • appropriate gifts
  • to transform