Dowsing Society of Victoria provide information on dowsing, pendulum dowsing and using wire and copper rods

Annual Membership

$40 single, $45 family - due February each year

Associates: $10 for 6 emailed Newsletters / $15 for 6 posted Newsletters (in Australia)

Members receive 6 Newsletters a year, free access to the DSV library, discounted entry to Meetings, voting rights and the opportunity to stand as a Committee Member. Entrance to meetings is $10 for DSV Members and $15 for Non-Members (concessions available).

You can download a copy of the Membership Application and print it out. In order to view this file you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free download at the following site. Get Adobe Reader


The Dowsing Society of Victoria develops a Newsletter prior to every meeting.

We encourage our Members to receive their Newsletters by email because they arrive in colour, and much faster than by post. Emailing also helps to contain DSV costs, saves time and, of course, helps to protect our precious trees.

DSV library

The DSV has an extensive library for Members to access at each meeting. It’s very popular and we add to it regularly, to ensure that it has some of the latest information available on dowsing.

DSV Constitution

DSV Constitution (PDF 286 KB)