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The next DSV meeting

Sunday 18 June 2017

Michael Czajka

Michael Czajka

Michael Czajka will present to the DSV at our next meeting on Sunday 18 June. He’ll talk about EMFs, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Usually at the DSV, Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are thought of as harmful. Michael will explain that they can be both helpful and harmful. He’ll cover the origins of EMFs, their effects and how you can prevent or address EMF problems.

To begin, he will concentrate particularly on harmful EMFs, explaining ELF (Extra Low Frequency, RF (Radio Frequency) and HF (High Frequency (microwaves).

For the second part of his talk, Michael will focus on the healing effects of EMFs, also known as electromedicine – defined as the use of electricity in medicine.

He will talk about the devices which are already in use in hospitals, what’s in common use and what is currently being researched.

He’ll describe some of the many benefits of using electromedicine. It can help to heal a fracture in half the normal time. Someone who is physically debilitated can be helped to walk again. Depression / addictions can be treated. Mathematical ability and creativity can be stimulated in people. Infections can be treated. Both the production of stem cells and energy can be dramatically increased. Michael will bring some devices already in use along to show us.

Michael is a PhD chemist with particular interests in electromedicine and orthomolecular medicine – “smart” medicine (using both diet and nutritional supplements for healing).

There will be opportunities for Q & A at the end of Michael’s presentation. We suggest you bring a friend or two along to hear this first-time speaker at the DSV on 18 June.

For further information: http://orthomolecular.webs.com/electromedicine